How to get a great dating picture, 7-step guide.

Some fortunate people can take great, natural looking, relaxed selfies. If you are not one of them, or you are like me and don’t even know where the selfie button is on your phone, read on.

Step 1. Avoid the most common mistakes. For men, it’s taking a photo in the bathroom mirror with your shirt off. For women, posting a picture where you are a few years younger and a few pounds lighter. Trust us, your date will notice!

Step 2.   Find a friend. If you are not ready to hire a professional dating photographer, start looking for a friend who likes photography and who can take good photos of people. If no one comes to mind, put a call out on Facebook and promise to buy them lunch.

Step 3. Prepare. Wear your best shirt that receives compliments often. If you don’t have a shirt that gets compliments, solve that problem first. Women may want to have their hair styled professionally.

Step 4. Arrive in a good mood. We had a shoot once where the guy came to have his photo taken just days after being dumped by his long time girlfriend. Needless to say, the pictures did not turn out. Eat a good breakfast, work out to your favourite playlist, or have a coffee with your best friend the same morning.

Step 5. Avoid bright sunlight. Overcast days are better for photos. If it’s a bright afternoon, go to the shady side of a building, or a park with trees.

Step 6. Take your time. Expect an hour/hour and a half session. Most people start to relax about 20 minutes into a photo shoot and all the good pictures will be at the end.

Step 7. Buy your photographer friend lunch and enjoy browsing that SD card that they will give you!

If this sounds like too much to think about, simply book an online dating photo shoot with us. You will be surprised how easy the process is and how much fun you will have.