7 top tips for online dating in Montreal & Ottawa

1. Get a good picture.

Nothing to add 🙂

2. Don’t forget the real life activities.

Meetup.com is one of them – note that event attendees are required to post their photo, and it helps if the photo is good!  Same for singles Facebook groups such as this one or Internations.org

3. Have a strategy.

If you are looking for a long term relationship, prepare to have dozens if not hundreds of first dates. 80-100 dates to meet a long term partner is not that unusual.

4. Meet as soon as possible.

Some suggestions – meet-up during lunch hour; after work somewhere close to your usual commute; Sunday morning walk around your neighborhood. Feel free to say “it was really nice to meet you” and end the date anytime.

5. Login as a member of opposite sex

(that is if you are looking for opposite sex, obviously) and check out your competition. The men tend to write very similar things in their profiles along the lines of  “I am looking for a lady who can dress up for the night on the town or dress down for camping.” What does that even mean? She owns a lot of clothes? By reading all the clichés you will hopefully avoid them in your own profile.

6. Keep your picture current

This is the top complaint we hear from men describing a bad date – “She did not look like her picture”. Your photo should show your current age and your current weight. You want to hear “Wow, you look exactly like your picture” comment on your first date, and it has to sound like a compliment!

7. Keep learning.

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