Montreal dating coaches and matchmakers – part 1

Our sessions are usually include a little bit of dating coaching alongside the photography. However, if you are serious about finding a long term match, it’s best to turn to the pros. We are starting series of introducing Montreal dating coaches and matchmakers – most of them will work in both French and English.

Régine Coicou works with women on all stages of dating and relationships. She helps you to unravel hidden blockages, present yourself at your best and overcome rejection. As an example, one of her recent clients went through a difficult divorce, met someone online, had a few dates and high hopes only to be “ghosted” shortly after. The client says “when I came to see Régine, I was at my lowest and she knew how to help me effectively! …Very quickly, in 3 sessions, I became a confident, positive, independent woman with “a good vibe”. Régine also frequently leads workshops for “girls nights” on all kinds of topics related to romance.

Susan Alper is a Montreal’s matchmaker that works mostly with men. Their women matches come from her vast personal and international network. She started the business 20 years ago after all her friends were successfully set up by her (and are still married!). She picks matches using her intuition and simple criteria such as conservative/liberal. Susan says although she can predict compatibility, no matchmaker can predict chemistry and this is to be determined by two people on their first date. She is very unique in a way that she does not immediately show clients the photos of potential matches – she asks the clients to trust her description and to speak to each other first to make sure the potential relationship has a foundation deeper than looks. This strategy seems to pay off judging by all the regular weddings she had helped to make happen!

Diana Eskander is a love coach that works with single women in their 30s and 40s to help them find and keep love. She is a proponent of “slow dating”, and is an advocate for quality over quantity any day. She can help you with letting go of your “past mistakes”, and setting you up for success – including how to speak your truth when dating someone new, clarity on your relationship vision, setting up your profile (if you’re into online dating), and spotting unhelpful patterns you may not be aware of. For example, Diana recently helped one of her clients uncover a communication pattern that wasn’t working in her favour. The woman always tried to send yet one more message  in the form of a question to keep the conversation going. This was her way of trying too hard and she unwillingly came across as clingy. Once that pattern was discovered and the client had learned to let the conversation end naturally, dating for her became much more pleasurable. Diana also has a blog bursting with helpful advice for all stages of dating at