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Good news! We are restarting our photo sessions!  The appointments are only available at the temperature 12C and higher, as we are shooting outside.

Once indoor sessions are able to take place, depending on the weather we will also take photos indoors with daylight and an outdoor feel – cafes, squares, indoor walkways etc.


30 min shoot

40-50 photos – usually one good profile photo can be chosen. If you are well slept, happy and relaxed you will likely see 2 or 3 photos that you like. 1 photo retouched.

60 min shoot

100-120 photos, including close-ups and full body shots. Up to two outfit changes for different looks and moods, the women will have time to vary their make-up. Up to 3 photos retouched

90 min shoot

150-200 photos, you should be able to choose 5-6 photos for your profile, and more to use for Facebook, Instagram, etc. Can include a photo of you on your bicycle, motorcycle, with your dog or what have you! Up to 5 photos retouched.

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