What should I wear?

Wear something you feel good in. Please bring several outfits so we can get a variety of photos (see below – what to bring).

For women
You might want to have your hair professionally styled for the day. Hair makes a big difference! (See this article for tips.)

If you usually wear makeup, consider touching it up a notch. Remember, makeup can be slightly bolder for the camera than in real life; so for instance, you could wear a brighter shade of lipstick than normal.

What should I bring?

Your phone

Please make sure you have a cellphone with you so we can find each other at the meeting spot.

3-4 changes of clothes

If you’re not sure what to bring, 3-4 of your favorite tops will do nicely, since most of our shots will be from the waist up anyway.

We want to give the impression that the photos were taken on different days. This will help add variety to your profile, and avoid giving off the appearance of a stiff, formal photo shoot. Women can even change up their makeup to really look different from one shot to the next.

Make sure at least one of your tops is a bright, visually appealing color, like red or bright blue—since the more attention your photo gets, the more profile views and messages you’ll get!

A few props (optional)

Show off your personality by bringing some props. Examples include a hat or other accessory, books, headphones, a camera, skateboard, or hockey skates, your bike, or a magazine or newspaper.

Most important: relax, have a good breakfast, and show up in a good mood!

Where do the photo shoots take place?

We offer photo sessions in Montreal and Ottawa. First we’ll meet up at one of the locations listed below. Then we’ll wander around the neighborhood taking photos; our photographers know the best spots!

Montreal meeting spots

Mile End: Just outside the rue Laurier exit at Laurier metro station.

Olympic Stadium: Inside the Biodome lobby (near Viau metro station).

Downtown: In front of the Tim Hortons in the Palais de Congrès (near Place D’Armes metro station).

Ottawa meeting spot

ByWard market: the Starbucks inside of Chapters – 47 Rideau Street.

Please make sure you have a cellphone with you that we can reach you at.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept payment via PayPal, e-transfer, and cash. Regardless of payment method, we require a $20 deposit up-front (paid by PayPal or e-transfer) when you book your session. Your deposit will be taken off the final session price.

How do I get my photos?

We will share them with you on Dropbox within two business days following our photoshoot. You can then choose several photos to have retouched; we will email you the retouched photos within a week.

A note on retouching

Don’t worry, we won’t make you look like an airbrushed mannequin! We’ll just lightly touch up your photo for colour correction, contrast enhancement, and brightening. We can also fix minor skin imperfections and wrinkles under the eyes.

Remember to download your Dropbox photos

After we post the photos on Dropbox, we will leave them up for one month. Remember to download your photos so you can access them anytime from your own computer.

Can I use the pictures anywhere I want to?

You, of course, will be free to use the photos however you like, We ask you to credit www.sizzle.pics on Facebook and Instagram , on the rest of the websites, social media and in print the photos can be used without credit.
We may use one of your photos as a sample of our work (without your name).

And, of course, if you meet your match online, we want to be the first to know about it!!!